Turn your own Recycled bottles into the best Hummingbird Feeder Set(one hook, one suction cap, one feeder with bottle adapter)

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This KIT(one hook, one suction cap, one feeder with bottle adapter) allow you to recycle your own fun bottle into a super-cool Hummingbird Feeder! It includes everything but the bottle. You get the feeding flowers, the Suction Cup, Hanger and instructions. Recycle your own bottle in under 60 seconds. They are GREAT gift ideas :) All hand-made in America! Don't fill bottles with alcohol... Only Nectar - and besides, it's just too darn hard to check their tiny ID's!

1. Select a fun bottle you want to recycle.
2. Make sure this Feeder Stopper fits into the spout. (Avoid bottles with too tight a fit as it may damage the stopper).
3. Check the bottom of the bottle to make sure it doesn't have a deep punt. Flat bottoms work best. (Bottles with a shallow punt will also work.)
4. Clean the surface and allow it to dry, then peel off the film from the suction cup to expose the sticky surface.
5. Center the suction cup and push it firmly against the bottom of the bottle, making sure to squeeze out the air bubbles.
6. Fill the bottle with Nectar and hang it in a shaded spot.


  • Brand: Symlove
  • Fits All Kinds Of Bottles Perfectly
  • Avoid using heavy bottles and ones with a deep punt.


  1. Nothing compares to sitting on my porch and watching the hummingbirds swarm around the feeders.
  2. Easy to put together and pretty when hanging in the trees.
  3. Best Gift Choise


Exclusive Gift For Unique One

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

So excited to give this to my mom. She is going to love it.

Great gift choice

Clever design, well made - gifted to friends. Hope they will enjoy them for many years thank you!

Best Feeder

This is the best hummingbird feeder Ive ever had. It doesnt leak, and it seals tightly to the bottle so the nectar lasts much longer than with other feeders. The shop has fantastic customer service. I highly recommend this product and this shop.

John Smith
Love it

Wish I could attach a video of the hummers LOVING this feeder in my back yard last night!

Perfect! I love it!It is a unique gift for my boyfriend!

These are so cute and easy to install! They worked on two different types of bottles and look beautiful. The hummingbirds took to them immediately. Packaged well and shipped

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